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Yoni Steam &Wellness Services

Yoni Detox

 Yoni Detox also known as Vaginal Steaming, Pussy Steam, V-Steam, Hip Bath, Sitz Bath, and Bajo steaming has been practiced by our ancestors worldwide for centuries. Our Yoni Detox is the practice of administering herbal blend to help address and treat gynecological concerns and bring balance to the womb. When the womb is in balance, the menstrual cycle is in balance you are less likely to experience painful periods, missed periods, irregular periods, fertility challenges, frequent or unrelenting infections, dryness, pain with intercourse, low libido, depression, anxiety, heavy bleeding,  and other symptoms.


*You may not steam while menstruating, if you’re pregnant, or have an active infection. There are other conditions that may require a shorter steam session or less heat.

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Ear Candling

Ear candling is universal herbal therapy that has been used for centuries to aid in the treatment OF some of the following concerns 

  • Enhancement of fluid circulation in the inner ear
  • Enhances overall strength
  • Increases immune system function
  • Helps with lymphatic drainage
  • Improved mental focus
  • Clear Sinuses
  • Lighter feeling
  • Less Congestion
  • Soothing
  • Relaxation and Calm
  • Enhanced breathing abilities

Navel Candling

According to Ancient Eastern Philosophy the Navel or Hara is the seat of Life, the centre of inherent energy.Navel candling can help you anchor yourself and shake off disturbances of the mind and body. Naval candling aids in the removal of toxins through the body’s lymphatic system and also alleviation of stomach flatulence, endocrine disorders, and gastric problems caused by irregular eating habits. In addition, navel candling can also aid in the relief of mild cold symptoms and enhance the body’s circulatory system.

Some additional benefits of navel candling include assistance with

  • releasing toxins
  • enhanced circulation through the circulatory system
  • enhanced blood circulation
  • increase vitality
  • menstrual pain & PMS
  • Ovarian rejuvenation

Sound Bowl Therapy

Enjoy this private crystal sound bowl session. This session available to anyone who is seeking release from anxiety, stress, insomnia, digestive concerns, healing and Peace.