Crystal Sound Bath

Welcome to a Harmonious Journey of Self-Discovery and Renewal with Crystal Sound Bowl Healing at To Each Is Om Yoga and Wellness.

What is Crystal Sound Bowl Healing?

Crystal sound bowl healing is a holistic and immersive practice that utilizes the vibrational frequencies of crystal singing bowls. These celestial sounds have been known to offer a multitude of benefits, each resonating uniquely with individuals

Why To Each is OM?

Utilizing 432Hz crystal sound bowls, our sessions are designed to promote deep relaxation and healing. The specific frequencies help balance the body’s energy centers (chakras), providing a unique and therapeutic experience.

Stress Reduction

The soothing tones of crystal bowls induce a profound state of relaxation, melting away stress and promoting a blissful sense of calm

Improved Sleep

Delve into sound bath sessions that are reported to enhance sleep quality by inducing a state of relaxation and reducing anxiety.

Balancing Energy Centers

Elevate your well-being as the vibrations align and balance the energy centers (chakras) within your body

Enhanced Mood

Revel in an uplifted mood and a rejuvenated sense of well-being as participants share their transformative experiences

Pain Reduction

Find relief from physical discomfort and pain through the therapeutic vibrational frequencies of crystal bowls.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Deepen your meditation practice and achieve heightened mindfulness through the calming resonance of crystal bowls, fostering focus and mental clarity.

Emotional Release

Unlock the potential for emotional release, allowing individuals to process and liberate stored emotions.

Promotion of Healing

Harness the innate healing potential of sound therapy, promoting a sense of balance and harmony within the body.

Group Session

30 minute Group sound session for up to 15 participants

Sound, Meditation and Essential Oils

Step into a realm of pure bliss with our Crystal Soundbath Group Class—an artful blend of sound therapy, guided meditation, and aromatherapy. Immerse yourself in soothing vibrations, guided introspection, and fragrant serenity. Elevate your well-being in this enchanting fusion. Join us for a sensory journey at To Each Is Om—where tranquility meets creativity

Group Session w Yoga

Immerse yourself in the captivating harmony of sound therapy and Kemetic yoga, crafting a distinctive experience that revitalizes both mind and body.

Private session

Experience the luxury of serenity with our exclusive Private Crystal Sound Bath—crafted just for you. Immerse yourself in a personalized symphony of tranquility, where the soothing resonance of crystals creates a unique oasis of relaxation. At To Each Is Om, we extend a special invitation for you to embrace the tailored bliss of our private sound sanctuary.

Corporate Wellness

Elevate your corporate wellness initiatives with our tailored crystal sound bowl services. Inquire for personalized packages.

Embark on a harmonious journey with To Each Is Om Yoga and Wellness.

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