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Frequently Asked Questions

I've never tried yoga before. What should I expect?

Kemetic Smai Tawi Yoga, also known as Egyptian Yoga or Kemetic Yoga, is a holistic system of yoga that draws inspiration from the ancient spiritual and philosophical traditions of Kemet (ancient Egypt). It incorporates physical postures, breathwork, meditation, and spiritual principles derived from the hieroglyphic texts and temple inscriptions of ancient Egypt. The practice aims to align the practitioner with the natural forces of the universe, cultivate inner peace, and promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

What should I wear for yoga?

The most important aspect of yoga attire is comfort and freedom of movement. Opt for breathable, stretchy fabrics like cotton or moisture-wicking materials that allow you to move easily through various poses. Many practitioners prefer wearing form-fitting clothing, such as leggings or shorts, paired with a comfortable top that stays in place during movement. Avoid overly loose or baggy clothing that may get in the way or restrict your movements. Additionally, consider layers that you can add or remove as needed to maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the practice. Lastly, remember to remove any jewelry or accessories that may interfere with your practice or cause discomfort.

How often should I practice yoga

The frequency of yoga practice depends on various factors such as individual goals, schedule, and physical condition. Generally, practicing yoga for at least 3-4 times a week yields noticeable benefits. However, consistency is more important than frequency. It’s better to practice yoga regularly, even if it’s just for a short duration, rather than sporadically for long sessions. Listen to your body and gradually increase the frequency and duration of your practice as you feel comfortable.

What are the benefits of practicing yoga

Yoga offers numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Physically, it improves flexibility, strength, and balance, enhances posture, and promotes better circulation and digestion. Mentally, yoga reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, enhances mental clarity, and fosters relaxation and inner peace. Emotionally, it cultivates self-awareness, boosts self-confidence, and encourages mindfulness and compassion towards oneself and others. Additionally, yoga has been shown to support overall well-being and longevity, making it a holistic practice for optimal health.

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